A mighty wind

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Company: Nation Dance Company Wales - Newcastle

Date: 3 janvier 2015

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Worldpremière : 3 october 2015, Newcastle, UK.
Chorégraphie : Jeroen Verbruggen.
Scénographie : Jeroen Verbruggen.
Costumes : Jeroen Verbruggen.
Light Design : Ben Ormerod.
Sound Design by : James Kennedy.
Design Consultant : Suzi Dorey.
Costume makers : Amy Barrett, Louise Edmunds & Angharad Spencer.
 Original cast : Josef Perou, Camille Giraudeau, Matteo Marfoglia, Mathieu Geffré, Angela Boix Duran, Elena Thomas, Ioseba Yerro Izaguirre, David Pallant.
Length : 28 minutes.
Music : 


“ A Mighty Wind in my eyes can be many things. I think that first of all it’s something bigger than ourselves that we want to overcome; or try to beat; but a mighty wind can also be just, a mighty wind. Also, in terms of the music for the piece, A Mighty Wind can also relate to the loudness of the rock music. I see my piece as a poem, which plays with themes of wind and overcoming things, or trying to erase things such as little sections of memories. »
“ We are trying to give a modern rock feeling as a style of the piece. I want the public to enjoy it even if they don’t necessarily understand everything; to be touched by it. I want them to go with the music and have a good time as if they’re watching a concert.”

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