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Music : Hyperballad de Bjork avec le Brodsky quartet (mix Paul Cassidy).
Was performed in the Gala « Stars und Junge Talente » 2001 in Munich (Germany).
Won the Second price at the Eurovision contest for young dancers 2001 in London (UK).
Costumes : Jeroen Verbruggen.
Original cast : Jeroen Verbruggen.
Time : 4’20.

The Eurovision Young Dancers 2001 was the eighth edition of the Eurovision Young Dancers, held at the Linbury Studio Theatre of the Royal Opera House in London, United Kingdom between 18 and 23 June 2001.[1] Organised by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and host broadcaster British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), dancers from eleven countries participated in the televised final. A total of eighteen countries took part in the competition. Ireland and Ukraine made their début while Austria, Estonia and Norway returned. Hungary and Spain withdrew from the contest, along with France who broadcast the event.[1] The semi-final that took place five days before the final (18 June 2001). Each country could send one or two performers, male and female, not older than 20, who could perform one or two dances. The dancers could choose between classical and contemporary dance.[1] The non-qualified countries were Austria, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Norway, Slovenia and Ukraine. David and Marcin Kupinski of Poland won the contest, with Belgium and Netherlands placing second and third respectively.[2]


Legal mention

credit : Jorge Canete